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Screw Type Valve Bag Filling Machine












Screw Type Packaging Machine 
It offers the most suitable solution for packaging powder and grounded products which have low density and low fluidity.
The product is filled in the bag from product feeding reservoir by making use of screw rotation.
It performs precision weighing with electronic, load-cell weighing unit and fast-slow filling system. Screw type valve bag packaging machine operates according to gross weighing principle and performs weighing during filling process.
Standard Features: Electronic load-cell, dual speed weighing system, Frequency controlled screw speed setting, Heavy duty type profile frame, easy-to-clean screw unit, Pneumatic control system, Filter connection manifold (ready for 400m³/hour air suction application), Adjustable bag height
Machine filling speed varies according to the density and fluidity of the product.
Suitable for: Construction chemicals, cement, plaster, paint pigments, organic and chemical resins, cocoa, flour, ground black pepper, etc.

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