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Rotary filling machine produced by VARLIK MAKINA are available in 1-4-6-8-10-12 options. They are available in two types; air type is recommended for fine materials. Turbine type is recommended for regular products (such as cement, sand, binder).
These machines are suitable for filling bags with the use of a valve. Feeding is carried out with a rotary valve or spiral. Electronic weighing is performed. The device checks the previous bag and slows or accelerates the filling speed accordingly. The empty bag is placed in the first station automatically or manually by the operator. Fast or slow filling is carried out through 360° rotation. Upon arriving at the bag release station, the bag is left on the belt and the filling procedure is complete.
-Ease of maintenance
-Compact structure occupying less space
-Lower cost
-Product changing (different bag use or filling different materials)
-Reporting feature

Cement Valve bag filling machine
Calcite filling machine
CaCO3 Paper bag filling machine
Sand PP bag filling machine



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