Powder and Liquid Mixers
Powder and Liquid Mixers
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With the systems it has developed for planetary mixers over many years and the extensive experience it has gained throughout this process, Varlık Makina is a specialist company. We are proud to produce special solutions according to your product variety/speed/location requirements, in addition to standard planet mixers.
Application Areas: Used for mixing liquid or liquid-powder mixtures of high viscosity in a short time, homogeneously at high viscosity range, and under vacuum. Extensively used in production of all kinds of adhesives, the food sector, and in fields that require mixing of materials such as paint paste, chemical pulps, etc.
Mixing Revolution Speed: The most suitable mixing speed according to the properties of the material to be mixed can be set in the range of 0 to 50 rpm. Planetary mechanism and mixing blades rotate both around the tank and their own axes to ensure homogenous material mixing.
Other Features;
* A vacuum unit designed to prevent the formation of air bubbles during the mixing process is available. The mixing process can be monitored by viewing the covered tank through the inspection hatch and lighting system during the mixing process.
* The tank is held and secured with a pneumatic grip mechanism during the mixing process.
* Mixing times and mixing speeds can be adjusted through the operator panel or by using the timers located on the control panel.
* Stainless steel scraper arm scraping off the edges of the tank are available.




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