Crushing & Grinding
Crushing & Grinding
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Used for micronized grinding of dry or low humidity material with maximum rigidity value of four at high capacity down to a minimum 100 microns.
Manufactured in diameters of 250mm to 1200mm
This model’s body, cover, grinder discs, and interior body primer are cast as high manganese alloys and subjected to heat treatment for higher strength. The body and its cover are machined in Bohrwerk mills. The bearing is made of the cast body. Grinder rotor is bedded upon dynamic balancing.
Easy replaceable stainless sheet sieves offering SNAP ON-OFF use can offer final products at different grain sizes (sample values :0-100 μm ,250 μm ,500 μm ,1 mm. etc.).
Used for micronized grinding and granulizing of mining and chemical substances.
The grinding ratio in minerals such as calcined gypsum, lime, etc. is high and high efficiency is obtained. Custom production can be carried out conforming to the food norms to be used with foodstuffs, such as chemicals, salt, spices, animal feed industry, cocoa, etc.
MATERIAL INPUT SIZE: Maximum 30-40mm (feeding size may change according to the material).
MATERIAL OUTPUT SIZE: Minimum 100 microns. Finely grinded material can be stored at a location close to the mill and it can also be taken from a location far from the mill by the help of a filter or fan.
CAPACITY:  3-30 metric tons/hour (varies according to material brittleness and humidity ratio,
as capacity variation depends on output grain size, there are differences between final capacities).










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