Stretch Hoods












Technical Specifications
Maximum capacity: 60 unit loads/hour
Film thickness: 60-180 µm
Maximum package height: 1600-1800-2000-2200 mm
Maximum net product weight: 1500-2000 Kg
Pallet dimensions max./min.: max. 1100x12000 mm / min. 750x750mm
Machine Dimensions/ width x length x height: 3500x2960x4570mm
Manufactured in custom sizes upon request.
Stretch Hood
Dust and Water Tightness
Dust and humidity are among the most important factors that are detrimental to your products and decrease their quality and value. A stretch hood is a proven method for preserving your products against dust, humidity, and other environmental factors.
Less consumption when compared to conventional stretch wrapping methods in terms of the required material quantity and energy consumption. Stretch hood films can be easily removed after use. The material is completely recyclable. Stretch hooding is therefore an environmentally-friendly method in stretch wrapping of packaging.
Bottom Pallet Stretching 
By stretch the wrapping down to the bottom, packages and pallets are fixed together securely. Elastic film shrinks around the load and under the pallet. Thus, the goods grip each other tightly and risks during handling are minimized.
























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