Powder and Liquid Mixers
Powder and Liquid Mixers
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This mixer is designed to mix products in the form of powder in a laboratory environment. VARLIK Laboratory Mixers provide a significant contribution to obtaining accurate results in analyses since they are the equivalent smaller versions of the standard horizontal powder mixer you use in production and have the identical properties. VARLIK Laboratory Mixer is equipped with features that will greatly ease your experiments. 
1. Speed setting: This excellent feature allowing you to choose the best mixing speed easily with an adjustment button is offered as a standard feature on the mixer.
2. Mixing blades: Mixing elements made of Hardox, which has a high-wear strength, will ensure that your mixer will work at the same quality for extended years.                          
3. Timer: It is possible to adjust the mixing time of laboratory mixers conveniently by using the timer feature on the control panel allowing you to stop it automatically at the end of the set time.
4. Material feeding reservoir: Samples can be loaded easily from the top reservoir, sized according to the mixing capacity and designed ergonomically. It can be removed easily after use.
5. Locking mechanism: You can operate your laboratory mixer securely and without experiencing difficulty with easily closing and opening clamps.
6. Unloading mechanism: You can remove the mixture through the discharge chute located under the clamping mechanism, which also opens easily at the end of the mixing time. You can close the powerful clamping mechanism easily and securely again.
7. Cleaning covers: Cleaning covers are also designed as easy-opening and closing systems, just like the other covers. Cleaning is very easy since the side surface of the mixer can be opened fully with these covers
8. Turbo blender: The turbo blender, which can be added to the standard laboratory mixer optionally, offers additional mixing performance and crush-mixing properties to your mixer. It is possible to mix color pigments, polymers, and granule additives more easily using turbo blender. If the mixer you use for production is equipped with a turbo crusher, you can create the equivalent counterpart of your mixer at your laboratory using VARLIK Laboratory Mixer with Turbo Blender.
9. Wheels: Relocate the machinery effortlessly in your laboratory on easily lockable sturdy wheels.
Supplying your manufacturing process mixers for decades and constantly by your side with service and spare-part support, VARLIK Makina is proud to manufacture your Laboratory Mixers with the same principle and offer you this product that will provide a reassured quality of service in your laboratories.








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