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Air Type Valve Bag Filling Machine












- Offer the most suitable solution for packaging granules, powder, fine powder, and ground products with medium and high densities.
The upper valve of the reservoir is closed upon filling the product from the machine reservoir up to the level sensor, the product is rendered lubricious using air and is filled in bags by administering air at low pressure from the top.
Models with single, dual, and triple filling spouts are available according to capacity requirements.
Perform precision weighing with electronic, load-cell weighing units, and fast-slow filling systems. The air type bag packaging machine operates according to gross weighing principle and performs weighing during the filling process.
Standard Features :
•Integrated blower
•Flow control actuator valve
•Dual speed weighing system with electronic load-cell
•Mixer ensures product fluidity in the reservoir
•Heavy duty type profile frame 
•Pneumatic control system
•Two filter connection manifolds (equipped for 1000m³/h air suction application)
•Adjustable bag height
•Automatic filling spout cleaning system with air
Suitable for:
Plaster, cement, construction chemicals, joint filler, sand refractory materials, bentonite, titanium oxide, ferrous oxide, plastic raw materials, fertilizers, seed, starch products, milk powder, dextrose, maltodextrin, powder cocoa, soy flour, bread additives, and similar products.
Machine filling speed varies according to the density and fluidity of the product.

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