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Screening & separation Technologies
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With VARLIK MAKİNA’s dynamic separators, the material at the mill output is fed on the distribution plate located on the topmost part in the separator. Here, the coarse grains of the material discharged on the rotating plate located underneath are pushed outside with the effect of centrifugal force, fall with gravity, and are either fed back or separated. Fine particles are conveyed upwards with the air flow created by the rotating plates. They are then collected at the fine grain cone and discharged as a final product.
The main advantages of static air separators can be listed as follows:
- Simple installation and structures.
- Very low initial investment costs compared to dynamic separator systems, thanks to their simple structures. Their total energy consumption is lower than dynamic separators as they do not require an additional fan and filter system (at 1/10-1/15 ratio).
- Maintenance and operation costs are almost zero thanks to their simple structure.
- Required area and height need for installation in the plant is low.
- Offers convenience in plant design and operation since they are easy to install and dismantle.
- Grain size range can be changed without interrupting production.
- Resistant to overloading; in other words, no blockage and failure issues occur in case of overloading for any reason. 


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