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With the systems it has developed for big-bag filling machines over many years and the extensive experience it has gained throughout this process, Varlık Makina is a specialist company. We are proud to produce special solutions according to your product variety/speed/location requirements, in addition to standard big-bag machines.
Filling Types: Net weighing filling machine, gross weighing filling machine, volumetric filling machine
Standard features: Automation panel equipped with Siemens S7-200 PLC, feeding unit suitable for the product, hanger height adjustment with the encoder for easy change of big-bag sizes through the operator panel, better big-bag form and empty bag blowing with fan for effective filling, automatic starting with single button upon bag hanging and automatic big-bag handle releasing upon automatic filling, automatic full big-bag output transfer from filling point (with roller or belt conveyor), two big-bag accumulation conveyors with belt or roller conveyors, and jet-pulse powder collection unit with automatic traffic control and heavy duty dust free filling platform
Optional features: Siemens OP 77A operator panel, automatic pallet feeding unit, product transfer and feeding solutions (bucket elevator, vibratory feeder, screw conveyor, pneumatic transfer) to ensure a better bag shape and smaller bag dimensions, big-bag and product vibration unit, stainless steel contact surfaces, VARLIK offers the highest efficiency and the best weighing precision in addition to perfect big-bag shape.

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CaCO3 Paper bag filling machine
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