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Open Mouth Bag Filling Machine






Designed to fill open mouth bags with desired products and to seal the mouths of these. Weighing/ dosing units vary according to the properties of the products to be filled.
Free flow feeding system for easily self-flowing granules or dry products (e.g. sugar, dry pulses, salt, seed, etc.).
Vibratory dosing system for difficult to flow, coarse grain, intricately shaped granules, and products that can wear surfaces (e.g. coal, sand, wire).
Belt dosing system for easily self-flowing or difficult to flow, coarse grain, intricately shaped granules, powder, and products that do not wear surfaces (e.g. tea, fertilizer, miscellaneous wet food, seed).
Auger dosing system for difficult to flow products that are difficult to damage or to which damage is not important (e.g. soil, fertilizer, cement, construction chemicals etc.).
The most important points to consider in order to ensure good weighing precision are as follows:
Knowing the product well and making an adequate working system decision.
Perfect operation of the mechanical system of the feeding unit.
Electronic control unit (weighing indicator) being installed with very good software and program.
Use of high quality, reliable, and correct load cells.
Support by technical staff specialized and experienced in dosing/weighing/packaging.
With over 25 years of experience, VARLIK chooses the most suitable working system for your products and offers the most reliable solutions to address your needs. It also offers you reliable weighing precision with electronic control units (weighing indicators) installed with software exclusive for our packaging machines.
Open Mouth Bag Filling Machine Technical Specifications

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