Construction Chemicals 12-20 Tons/h












Our construction chemical plants with 12-20 metric ton per hour capacity are full automated. In general, mixers with 1,500-4,000l product-mixing capacity are suitable. However, larger or smaller mixers can be used according to need. Two types of plants are possible.
1- Vertical Plant 
In this plant, raw material silos are located at the top level of a steel tower structure and a silo is available for each raw material. Raw material flow is carried out from the top to bottom.
Ground floor: packaging / 1st floor: mixer / 2nd floor: dosing and weighing / 3rd floor: raw material stocking 
2- Pneumatic Transfer Support Plant
Silos are placed on the floor in a different manner to their placement in vertical plants. Speed in product transfer is realized through pneumatic conveying.
Machinery constituting this plant:
Pneumatic transfer / silo and accessories/ dosing and weighing bunker/ manual feeding bunker and spiral/ bucket elevator/ mixer/ platform / packaging upper bunker / packaging machine / bag output conveyor and accessories / jet pulse Filter and installation / electrical panel

Construction Chemical Plant